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Supporters Form Valley Springs Foundation

Eleven people have come together to form the Valley Springs Foundation, whose purpose is to provide financial resources and support to enrich and enhance the quality of education for all Valley Springs School students and enrich the quality of life in the Valley Springs community.

On Tuesday evening, April 24, the group met to officially constitute themselves as a board, approve bylaws, elect officers, set dates for future meetings, appoint members to a Fund Development Committee and a Communications Committee, and approve the signing of a fund document for Community Foundation of the Ozarks of Springfield, MO, to house and invest the funds generated by the newly formed foundation. The collaboration with Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO) is enabled by the relationship between Rural Community Alliance and its Valley Springs chapter, the Rural School and Community Trust, and CFO.

Board members of the Valley Springs Foundation are Rodney Arnold, Betsy Cash, Karena DeYoung, Lavina Grandon, Sarah Hough, Rachel Norton, Wes Phifer, Sarita Sisco, Janet Thomason, Judy White, and Faye Yarbrough. Ex Officio members are Charles and Sandra Trammell.

The officers the board selected for the foundation are Sarah Hough, president; Judy White, vice president; Sarita Sisco, secretary; and Faye Yarbrough, treasurer.

vall springs_found_photo

Valley Springs Foundation Board Members: (from left) Lavina Grandon, Karena DeYoung, Rachel Green, Betsy Cash, Sarah Hough, Judy White, Sarita Sisco, Faye Yarbrough, and Rodney Arnold. (Not pictured, Wes Phifer and Janet Thomason)
At the meeting Tuesday, the board was joined by Gary Funk, director of the Rural School and Community Trust's Center for Midwestern Initiatives.  Funk, the former president of Community Foundation of the Ozarks, has conducted workshops for Rural Community Alliance on forming foundations and local endowments to support schools and rural communities. He spoke about the importance of local foundations to enhance opportunities in rural schools, provide an avenue for supporters and community members to connect with the mission and vision of the school, and retain capital in rural communities. 

The Valley Springs Foundation board will next meet on July 12.  A formal launch is planned during the Valley Springs alumni reunion on August 4. 

PBL Education Foundation, serving Paxton-Buckley-Loda Community Unit #10 School District of Paxton, Illinois, met with the Center for Midwestern Initiatives on April 11 to discuss planned giving. For more information on PBL go to